Monday, 20 June 2011

greg burridge
my first short movie i made
the first tea and biscuit
is that seamus in the back ground ?

Monday, 9 May 2011

ouch !

So incase you didn't know,
In 2008 i got injured, i tore my acl . The acl is a ligament that runs straight down the centre of your leg. I tore it whilst wrestling in a 4 way match at thunderslam wrestling in Harlow. I was the champion and had to defend my title.There was a stipulation to the match, It was a hardcore match.

so we got the match underway,everything was good. i got carried away in the moment, i thought " fuck it, im going to do a dive through the ropes", and take out my opponent the zebra kid. i was going to do a dive, a move i have done a hundred times before. unfortunately, this one didn't pay of , which is why they call it, "high risk".

I somehow manage to land on one foot and felt a heavy grinding feeling in my knee. i felt sick and laid on the floor making a noice similar to the one you get when you get turfed in the scrotum.I lay on the floor of the Harlow playhouse thinking about my next move. i knew i had seriously damaged my knee, but knew we where only in the start of the match. i informed zebra i was hurt, he informed the boys , and we simply carried on. i must of layed there for 5 minutes it felt like. I was going threw the match in my head, wondering about various spots in the match and if the structure could carry on without me, luckily i knew i was in there with season pros and my good friends ,guys i had wrestled a dozen times before, roy knight, charly rage and paul tyrell.

As my brain zipped thorough the match i remembered the finish, a vital finish that involved me taking a top rope hurracanrana from paul, a trademark move of his. I thought, Fuck it, lets do it, i stood up, tried to put weight on my leg, hobbled across the hard wooden floor, got a little pop from the crowd, smashed a tray around the head of zebra kid,,,,,and gave him a bodyslam.. yes , a bodyslam, i cant tell how i did it , but i did. Then i forgot that i had been injured and just carried in the fun. i didn't want to be left out, i want to smash pans over the heads of my opponents whilst Young kids shout for blood. its all good wholesome fun and im missing out !

eventually , the finish was called, i managed to work my way into the ring and paul set me up for the finish,placing me on the top rope. The move requires me to flip in mid air whilst paul flies of the top rope, backflips whilst catching my head in between his knees , sending me flipping over his body in a 180 positstion 10 ft from the ground and crashing onto the ring surface.

To perform this move takes great skill, it also takes precision excellence to receive it. The fall requires me to use my momentum to hit the landing correctly, a move you need two legs for. I didnt want to impact to hard on my injured leg as i knew it would make the injury much worse and the impact of the ring flexing from the impact of the bump could double the damage. I sucked it up, paul took of , connected with me , and just like clock work took the move to a great ovation from the crowd, within the split seconds of this move being performed, i have to use my ring awareness and judge where i am in the ring to regard of land, i don't want to overbump it and under bumping could also be detrimental. i also have less momentum as i only have one working leg. luckily i judged it right and manged to take the impact as  much as i could on one good leg sacrificing more impact on my back for protection of leg.

the jolt was still big, i felt the impact on my leg, but was nothing compared to if i took the full impact.I lay there knowing the match was done, and know i can concentrate on exactly what was wrong with the leg, all i knew was that i couldn't walk. i rolled out of the ring away form the crowd as we where in a theatre. i laied there on the floor by the apron , hidden from everyones view knowing i was fucked. i could see the thunderslam dancing girls standing over me, thinking i was just selling, but wasn't, they just ignored me and got in the ring to perform there routine. i must of been quite convincing at hiding mt true pain. because the show had finished, the crowd was leaving, and i was till on the cold hard floor alone in the dark way after the show had ended.

then the lights went up, still on the floor, on my own. no hope for the sympathy angle then. i crawled up to my feet, dragged myself backstage, got changed, i was supposed to be working as a doorman that night round the corner "double bubble " i thought. i seriously contemplated going to work, but i couldn't walk. I remember there was some hot, hot women there that night that where eager on a bit of burridge entertainment, i tried to forget my leg was hanging of at the seem and was just connected by muscle sinew and tried to entertain my new fans, but after 5 minutes of that, i decided that for one of the very few sensible times in my life, i should spend my night in the emergency department of harlow hospital.

This is a photo of me taking the move from paul, its my left leg that is injured at this moment

well that's the first part of this story, stay tuned for what happens next. this story develops into a most surreal experience

Sunday, 1 May 2011


HI Guys , Welcome to the first edition of Tea & Biscuit, A fortnightly program bringing you the best in sports entertainment and related subjects aimed for fans of the great sport. We dont just aim to cover wrestling, we aim to cover a wide range of areas that you faithful wrestling fans might find or do find of interest in everyday life.
If its the latest fashion trends, video games , movies, comics or who is the fittist bird and who is just a slag, be sure to find it here at Tea and Biscuit. i like to think of it as lose women for lads (loose lads).
maybe your having trouble with the mrs, or theres a certain treacle you like but dont know how to make her notice you ? drop tea and biscuit a email and we will answer your problems and give you the best advice we can from a couple of guys with streetwise and a bag full of experience to hand out.we will be like the big brother you never had or always wanted and you can guarantee we wont beat you up and nick your pocket money in return either.
so join us , tell your mates. Greg Burridge and Shiro yoshida invite you round our gaff for some TEA & BISCUIT

Friday, 29 April 2011

Its all about me !!!

Hi guys , Greg Burridge here, how y'all doin?
dont worry , i will write up in full english all my blogs just incase you are reading and already thinking."OMG its anutha 1 of dem twts uw dun speak nor rite ting prblee". dont worry i cant stand it when people write in text talk.
So, its the day of the big wedding and everything was great and run smoothly. jake roberts didnt attach a snake to the macho mans arm, kurt angle didnt have any presents either.great day well done to the married couple.( for those who dont understand that last line, i guess your not a wrestling fan, i hope to change that.)
I thought today i would start my very first blog, i want to reach as many people as i can, people who know me, and more importantly, those who dont. And the ones who dont, Subconsiously plant the wrestling bug in your heads.
I am a pro wrestler based in london, active on the independent circuits, i have been wrestling for almost 10 years now.I used to be known as the Pukka one Darren Burridge, now i go by the name "the cockney Crusader" Greg Burridge.
I am also a aspiring actor and director, i have a keen interest in movie making and have a idead to make these two worlds collide to make a unique and interesting product.
i want to start you off easy, so i am just today gonna post up a video of me wrestling and some other tings, sorry , things.
what i do aim to do with my blogs is to give you a insight on the life of a independent pro wrestler and the struggles we face. My life goals and how i aim to achieve them and my progress as i hope you join in my journey. and i will even open up into my personal life.
so, for now, enjoy. here are some videos for your viewing pleasure
Greg Burridge